With just 30 minutes a day for 30 days...
You can turn LinkedIn Connections into Clients
(even if you have ZERO sales or social media experience)
Why LinkedIn? 
Isn’t It For Resumes?
LinkedIn is a GOLDMINE for B2B business owners today. 

If you're not leveraging this incredible asset for influence and sales, you're missing out on the best low-cost method to grow your service business TODAY...
LinkedIn used to be place you could stick your resume and a professional headshot to get jobs and show off your skills. 

Today it’s grown into something bigger and so much more valuable...
It’s now a "hangout" for B2B professionals, C-Level Executives and other serious business players looking to connect and build the relationships that will lead to millions in sales. 
This means that with only an internet connection you have the ability to get in front of your target audience, build a stellar reputation, grow your influence and generate inbound leads at no cost- even if you only have a few minutes a day to invest.
LinkedIn has...
  • Highest organic reach of any social media platform
  • ​620 million professionals registered
  • The most intellectual business oriented platform
  • Targeting options by industry, job position and title
And is completely free!

The window of opportunity for leveraging LinkedIn in this way for free is not going to last long. Missing out on this opportunity will make you feel the same way you did when big influencers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram blew up and started earning big money from it.

They got in at the ground floor and were able to grow their audiences way before complex algorithms kept changing and paid ads were in place.
Who Am I and Why Should You Listen To Me About LinkedIn?
My name is Estie Rand.

I'm an award-winning business consultant and marketing strategist helping small business owners earn more money with less headache.
  • Former CIO of NLE International and founder of Strand Consulting
  • ​Host of the Business Breakthrough Podcast, featured on Nasdaq as a top podcast to listen to in 2019
  • Certified professional coach for over 10 years and the winner of Best in LA Business Consultancy 2018
  • Host of the LinkedIn Influencer Summit 2019
  • Featured presenter at LinkedInGlobal 2019
I've used LinkedIn to take my business to a steady six figures in profit and still use it religiously TO THIS DAY. 

I want to now give you the opportunity to learn my easy to use LinkedIn Client Creator System.
The LinkedIn 30/30 Program
The LinkedIn 30/30 Program gives you everything from the basic training, all the way to the “secret strategies” you’ll need to know on LinkedIn to turn connections into clients, investing less than 30-minutes a day for 30-days! 
It will give you step-by-step guidance so you know EXACTLY what you need to do in order to maximize LinkedIn for influence and sales.
You’ll discover what top influencers are doing and how it all works so you can get the respect and prestige you’ve been looking to build in your own industry.
It doesn’t matter where you are in your business. This works if you have a 9-5, if you’re a solopreneur and even if you’re scaling or already running multiple businesses. If you have business services to sell, you MUST learn a reliable and repeatable system to generate leads through LinkedIn.
And even if you don’t have those 30-minutes a day for the next 30-days, we’ve included a training so you can guide a staff member or VA to do the whole process for you.
I firmly believe that knowledge + action = Power. That’s the formula I want you to start following. 
And once you take action on the knowledge you’ll gain from The LinkedIn 30/30 Program, you will see an influx of qualified leads ready to hear your offer and interested in hiring you.
The LinkedIn 30/30 Program: Broken Down 
Step 1: Getting Dressed
First impressions are INCREDIBLY important both in your personal life and in business. This module is all about putting your best foot forward when it comes to creating the perfect profile leveraging to become an attractive and appealing for people to buy from you. In this module you will learn:
  • Top 7 profile elements and what to do with them
  • ​5 part sales profile copy framework
  • ​Do’s and Don’t to make your profile sell your services
Step 2: Meet New People
LinkedIn is one big networking event. And that means you’ll need to engage and introduce yourself to people in order to see if there’s something there. Here I’ll pull back the curtain on the secret strategies that I use to attract the exact people you need in your network to maximize your sales:
  • Who are the best people for you to connect with (2 winning types)
  • ​3 key methods to grow your network both quickly and with quality prospects
  • ​The tech & algorithm back hack you need to reach over 1,000 people per month
Step 3: Join The Conversation
Engagement is the secret sauce to grow your following really fast and really big with inbound leads. This module will teach you how to grow your own influence and Linkedin community of referral partners, clients and industry experts. You’ll learn:
  • Simple posting strategies and winning script formulas
  • How to leverage 20-cent commenting to complement or even replace posting in the feed
  • ​How to filter your feed to maximize your time on the platform
Step 4: Take It Outside
Deals aren’t made in the feed. At all. That’s all done with taking it offline through the DMs. (Direct Messaging). This module takes you through what to say in a non salesy, non pushy, and non sleazy way that gets people on the phone with you so you can close deals. You’ll learn how to use your DMs to warm up your network for buying by:
  • Non-salesy script to hook your potential clients
  • ​A simple and respectful method to get a 70%+ DM response rate
  • ​How to transition from DM to phone call in 3 simple steps 
Sign up Now and Also Get These Bonuses:
The LinkedIn Basics Bootcamp
Are you a LinkedIn newbie? Maybe you’re a social media newbie all together? Whether you’re new to social media or just unfamiliar with LinkedIn, (Which is VERY different than Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) The LinkedIn Basics Bootcamp training will give you everything you need to know to be adept on this platform. 
This video bonus covers all the basics, and once you’re ready you can jump ahead to take full advantage of the LinkedIn Client Creator System.

In this training we cover all the basic usage of the platform from setting up your profile, how to use the feed (like where are your posts are hiding?!?), and even some cool backhacks like getting your custom URL.
The LinkedIn 30/30 “Built For You” Written Guide and Sales Scripts
The LinkedIn 30/30 “Built For You” Written Guide is the whole system distilled into 11 pages. Once you follow through on the videos, you can always refer back to the written guide for a quick review or need a refresher on a specific point. 

This PDF will be your best friend when referring back to the Client Creator System and will remind you what you need to do in order to stay on task.

We’ve also included some of our best sample sales scripts and profile language for you to swipe and mimic when you get to selling in the DMs.
Video Captioning Mastery
Videos drive an insane amount of engagement to your LinkedIn profile and you want to take advantage of that. It is also true that approximately 90% of the people on LinkedIn are viewing videos with the sound off. 

Why? Since LinkedIn is a networking and business social media platform, many members are scrolling through while at work. So how do we get people to watch? We adapt.
Video Caption Mastery teaches you the step by step process on how to caption your videos so your audience gets all the value you’re giving them through your video, even if they can’t hear you.
We’ve also included a current list of the best software to use. 
“Ghoster” VA Training
The VA training or “Ghoster” training is for those who simply don’t have the time to add one more thing to their schedule OR just don’t like spending their time on social media, but would like the full benefit of organic engagement.

That’s where this training comes in.
By watching this, or better yet- having an assistant watch it for you, you’ll be able to delegate the whole LinkedIn 30/30 Program to a staff member or even a virtual assistant! 
The LinkedIn 30-Day Accountability System
Keeping yourself accountable is the most important piece to maximizing LinkedIn for influence and sales. Without taking action, the knowledge will just take up space in your head and you’d have accomplished nothing. 
The LinkedIn 30/30 Accountability System was put in place to make sure you don’t have to think about what to do next, just take action. You’ll know exactly what needs to be done to a T.
  • You will receive 30-days of daily email reminders sent straight to your inbox to walk you through both basic to advanced daily tasks to make it easy for you to TAKE ACTION
  • ​Daily reminders walk you through learning the program, adding in time relevant bonus content and then give you daily implementation tasks
  • ​Since every action is laid out for you, you won’t have to think about what your next move is!
Here’s Everything You Get When You Sign Up Today:
The LinkedIn Client Creator System
$497 Value
Bonus: The LinkedIn Basic Bootcamp
$67 Value
Bonus: The LinkedIn 30/30 “Built For You” Written Guide and Swipe Scripts
$37 Value
Bonus: Video Captioning Mastery
$47 Value
Bonus: “Ghoster” VA Training
$84 Value
Bonus: The LinkedIn 30-Day Accountability System
$267 Value
Total Value: $999
Get Started Today for Just $297
First 100 get it for only $97!!
Use promocode: FIRST100 when you sign up and get my entire LinkedIn Client Creator System PLUS All The Bonuses, for just $97
I want to make this decision a “no brainer” for you. Try the course, completely risk-free. All I ask is that you do the work for the 30 days of the program. If you don’t see results, email us at info@strandconsulting.net and I’ll refund you.

This is a very reasonable guarantee, and I hope you can see why it’s being done like this. I really believe that LinkedIn is the answer for so many people and it is completely free when you use it this way, [no need to pay for premium!] It can easily generate you a steady stream of new clients.

I am so convinced that this will work for you that if it doesn't, I want to hand your money back to you.

You risk nothing, as long as you give it a try.
Here’s what people are saying about The LinkedIn 30/30 Program:
"Influencers tend to be BUSY. Having the opportunity to sit through a few hours of guidance and secret tips is not a chance that you'd want to miss if you are serious about growing your LinkedIn profile and trying to leverage the platform. There were many valuable "social" tips that were shared, so even if LinkedIn is not "your thing" (now!) there is still a whole lot to gain."

-Jacob Tannenbaum
"Action packed tons of interesting ideas and energy loaded with actionable tips that will change your life. There is some valuable perspective, whatever your goal from LinkedIn. This will add at least one more zero before your decimal point. $$$$"

-Joel Bacheman
"Lots of amazing advice if you are looking to grow your presence on the platform. You get a clear understanding on how to place yourself properly on the LinkedIn network."

-Dennis Jones
"The way you THINK you should be using LinkedIn is not how you want to be using LinkedIn. It's so helpful to have everything broken down."

-Shay Rothchild
"I started implementing the tips you spoke about in the LinkedIn 30/30 System and I am finding people interested in my services. Thank you very much!"

-Israel Leichtman 
"Pure gold of strategies you can't find anywhere else."

-Itai Levine
"You would be a fool to miss it! If you want to drive sales on Linkedin you need to know what works. Have a strategy - work LinkedIn the same as you work your business plan."

-Greg Stanford
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