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Why LinkedIn is the best and easiest social media platform to close business without paying for ads or using bots

The secret timing and content rules for posts that befriend the LinkedIn algorithm and get massive engagment

How to build a goldmine network with LinkedIn connections and add 1,000+ new connections/month organically

Shortcuts to spend less than 15-minutes per day to organically generate a steady stream of leads, clients and customers
If you're not leveraging this incredible asset to grow your network and turn those connections into clients, you're missing out on the best low-cost method to grow your service business TODAY…
The window of opportunity for leveraging LinkedIn in this way for free is not going to last long. Missing out on this opportunity will make you feel the same way you did when big influencers on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram blew up and started earning big money from it.
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If you're a service based business owner and you're not leveraging LinkedIn to consistently grow your network with leads and turn those connections into clients, you're missing out on the best low-cost method to grow your service business TODAY.
  • LinkedIn has the highest professional organic reach of any social media platform with over 720 million registered.
  • YOU can currently make money on LinkedIn for FREE but it’s not going to last long. Learn the proven strategy on how to turn connections into clients before LinkedIn changes their algorithms and forces you to pay for ads or premium.
  • In this exclusive training, Estie will break down all the steps for you, AND give you the process that will allow you to use LinkedIn LASER FOCUSED to generate business investing only 15-minutes a day!
Why You Need to Master LinkedIn This Year!
I've been working my LinkedIn profile and business profiles all wrong, until I met Estie Rand and attended her course, LinkedIn15. OMG...what I learned from day One to day Fifteen and beyond has already helped me to get a couple of new clients. There's still work to do on my profile, my business pages and spending only 15 minutes a day doing it
Just in the 15 days working with Estie, my connections increased by 1297 new connections. Anyone using LinkedIn should visit and get to know Estie Rand...plus attend the LinkedIn15 which is the most beneficial thing you can do for your LinkedIn profile and business or in my case, businesses. 

Thank you for what you do Estie Rand! I could go on and on, but I don't like to ramble.

John Hodgkinson
Estie Rand is always up-to-date with the newest marketing trends. She knows what is changing, in which direction and what to do to be one step ahead of the competition. I took part in two workshops that Estie ran at two different business conferences. The second one was about a year after the first one and Estie already had her content updated with loads of new information and practical advice.

When I first listened to Estie she presented strategies hardly anyone was using at that time and I was rather sceptical. After a year, market leaders were doing exactly that. But Estie was already teaching new things!

Last but not least - she is really good at how she organizes the material and teaches it, not to mention her infectious energy!

Sylwia Kolczyńska
I have heard of Estie's work for sometime re LinkedIn. 
She recently offered her "LinkedIn15" course. 

Why was this so successful?
1) The only commitment was 15 mins / day for 15 days.
2) Practical, succinct advice. I knew some things. What I did have to change has quickly made an impact!
3) Fair price, to say the least.
4) Would I recommend this training to others? Absolutely.

Michael Horesh
Estie's LinkedIn 15 course was excellent! The daily lessons were presented in a professional, easy-to-follow manner, and I loved listening to her upbeat voice. I highly recommend her course and any other services that she may provide. 

Estie offers a wealth of information and has some of the best marketing strategies that I have ever encountered. Prior to taking the course, I did not understand the purpose of LinkedIn. However, afterward, I discovered how powerful these connections are to building a business. Thank you very much, Estie, for your amazing expertise!

Michele Cooke
Wow! Estie Rand's The LinkedIn 15 course is amazing. If you are just getting started in a business or need to boost your business, Estie's course is a must. Content is well organized, clearly defined, and is broken down by day so you are not overwhelmed with information or homework. Estie keeps things moving along and her delivery is fun and inviting. 

I've learned more spending 15 minutes a day for 15 days than I would have ever figured out on my own in 15 years :-).

Debra Collins
I just completed Estie's LinkedIn 15 course and it was awesome! I learned techniques that I never imagined possible. She does a great job capturing your attention and coaching you every day through videos for fifteen days on how to leverage your business on LinkedIn. 
The best part is that she tells you how you can market yourself by spending "only" 15 minutes per day doing so! I'm excited to continue with the process I learned from Estie and recommend her to anyone who is aspiring to get their business off the ground and find clients on LinkedIn!

Meesha Howard
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